Temenos Individual and Couple Counselling Retreats



The word temenos is derived from Greek and can be     translated as meaning a sacred space.

In my  psychotherapy and counselling practice   I see my role as holding a  space for clients while they explore aspects of their lives and discover new meaning and purpose for themselves.

While dealing with the realities and stresses of  life,  being able to create and  hold  a sense of  space within ourselves;  with others in relationship; and in the places where we live and work  can support and enrich us.


 Considering a retreat….

You may feel unsettled, realise you want to make changes in your life or improve your relationship but never seem to find the time or opportunity.

You may have a particular issue that concerns you or just be aware that something is not right in your life.

You may be struggling in your relationship, or even be thinking of  leaving.

You may feel you have reached a crossroad in life or even that you are  in crisis.

Counselling and psychotherapy are  often offered on a weekly basis but this may not suit everyone, due to work or home commitments. Sometimes an issue may arise that you need to deal with more urgently.


Jesters Nest offers Intensive Therapeutic and Personal Change Retreats for both individuals and couples.

A retreat at Jesters Nest allows you to develop awareness of what is happening in your life  and a direction for the future.  While staying in a peaceful relaxing environment you are away from the demands of everyday life and able to focus on yourself with the support of a qualified psychotherapist.

Accommodation is available on the property in the modern, self contained Little House (which takes away the need to drive to and from sessions), or you can choose from a range of accommodation in the Karamea area.  Most accommodation is within a 10 minute drive from Jesters Nest.

The Karamea area offers tranquil bush and beautiful beaches to allow you to relax and unwind. You can also explore the fascinating limestone caves and arches in the area, or walk the southern end of the popular Heaphy Track.

Retreats are held over 4 days, with sessions of one and a half hours each morning and afternoon, allowing time for rest, relaxation or exploring the area.     You will be the only couple on retreat and the focus will be on your particular issues and needs.

Start and finish dates can be arranged to accommodate your travel plans

An intensive will allow you to identify issues and to develop awareness of factors underlying them;   to explore the impact on your current life ;  to find potential solutions and to develop a plan for the future.

When working with individuals, the intensive is based on Psychosynthesis concepts of Body, Feelings, Mind and engaging your Will – combined with the use of creative processes to facilitate self-awareness and new direction.

With couples I  use  Imago Relationship Therapy which recognises that we use our closest relationships to attempt to heal the pain of early experiences.

It is a gentle respectful process and you will be coached to dialogue effectively with your partner by attentive listening and reflection.      Through dialogue you will be able to develop understanding and empathy for your partner’s perceptions, beliefs and behaviour and also come to recognise your own patterns of behaviour, areas of vulnerability and defences.

Imago Dialogue is an effective tool in any relationship and can be used with family, friends and in work situations.


 Your psychotherapy guide  –  Kay Raffell

As your guide I will ”walk with you” and support your exploration of aspects of your life.

I am  a Registered Psychotherapist and member of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists so am bound by their Codes of Ethics, subject to their complaints procedures and will provide a competent professional service.

My training is in Psychosynthesis and  Imago Relationship Therapy.

I  will work holistically with you as an individual  –  holding awareness of body, emotions, mind and spirit  and also consider the family and community context in which you live.   When working with a couple  I work to support the relationship and help you find ways to enrich your connection with each other.

While acknowledging the importance of the spiritual  to many individuals, psychosynthesis and Imago Relationship Therapy  are not allied to any religion, faith or spiritual leader.

I have 15 years experience in working with a wide range of life issues with both individuals and couples and has a particular interest in working with the effects of trauma.


 Safety, confidentiality and follow-up

Providing a safe, supportive environment is a priority in my work with you.

A therapeutic intensive may not be appropriate for everyone, especially those with major physical or mental health issues.

Prior to attending you will be asked to provide a brief summary of past and current health issues. It is also helpful if you can identify any issues or situations that you wish to explore.

The information you provide and  that you share in your sessions is confidential.  However, If you are already working with another health practitioner, I ask that you  give me permission to  contact them, to ensure your well-being and to allow continuity of support, if needed, on your return home.

If I believe an intensive is not appropriate I will endeavour to put you in contact with appropriate practitioners in your area.

An intensive can be helpful in making life changes – a significant first step or a needed boost – but  will not necessarily give you a complete solution.     To allow you to continue with your work I offer follow-up sessions by Skype or phone or, if you prefer I can help you locate a practitioner in your area.


 4 day intensive
Counselling ( 8 x 1.5 hr sessions)      $1200
Accommodation:  $80   per night single      $110 per night double

Payment in full in advance  10% reduction

Payment can also be made by 20% deposit in advance and balance by 4 monthly instalments.


Please contact me for further information and to discuss you individual needs      phone:  03 782 6633      email:   kayraffell@yahoo.co.nz