Accent Improvement at Jesters Nest

Accent is part of any language – the way we sound due to the particular speech sounds and intonation we use.   Every language has its own group of  distinctive speech sounds and own  intonation, often with regional variations.

Many speakers of English as a second language, have developed good language skills but their speech is not always understood  by others.  This can be due to difficulty hearing and producing some of the speech sounds of English or due to stress  and  intonation  being used incorrectly.

Being understood  is important for anyone when travelling – being able to talk with people you meet is part of the experience.  Developing a good accent in English is even more important if you are working or dealing with the public, especially over the phone.

What is offered:

As an experienced Speech Language Therapist I have training and expertise in assessing the use of speech sounds, stress and intonation in English and in helping you correct any difficulties.

At Jesters Nest you will have the opportunity to focus intensively on improving your accent, while enjoying the beauty of the beautiful West Coast in Karamea.

You have the choice of staying in a comfortable home-stay setting or a self-contained unit on the property;  or at other accommodation in the area (some of which also offer English speaking practice.)

Your intensive accent improvement course will provide:
  • An initial assessment to identify the areas of phonology (speech sound system), stress and intonation that need attention.
  • Intensive listening practice to establish awareness of the differences between sounds.
  • Guidance to produce the correct English sounds and stress and intonation patterns.
  • Practice materials to transfer new skills into fluent speech.
  • A final written report, indicating areas worked on and suggestions for future practice.

Follow up and further sessions by Skype are also available to help consolidate your new skills and assist with any difficulties.

Tuition is generally on an individual basis to allow focus on your particular needs.  It may be possible to work in a small group with speakers who have the same first language.
The days are organised to allow you time to explore and enjoy the area between your sessions
Day 1:     Students will be seen for an initial assessment (1.5 hr)
Day 2:     Morning and afternoon sessions (1hr)
Day 3:     Morning and afternoon sessions (1hr)
Day 4:     Final morning session and plan for follow-up   (1.5 hr)



4 day intensive including written analysis and report     $650
Additional sessions:    $90 /1hr
Skype sessions              $50 /0.5 hr
Self- contained accommodation   $110 /day (1 or 2 people self catering)
Homestay                                              $90 per person/day ( fully catered)

Please contact me to discuss your individual needs and options.

Kay Raffell               B.Sc. Speech   M.Sc.Audiology