Imago Relationship Therapy

P1010408Imago Relationship Therapy  was developed by Harville Hendrix Ph.D. (author of Getting The Love You Want and other related titles) in the USA, and there are now certified Imago Relationship Therapists throughout the world, including New Zealand.


Imago Relationship Therapy is a therapy system based on the belief that we choose our partners in an attempt to meet our unconscious need for connection and to heal the unmet needs of our early experience.   When this does not occur we experience deep distress, sadness and anger and can consider leaving the relationship.

Imago dialogue is a conscious precise tool used to  encourage attentive listening,  accurate reflection and understanding and  empathy for each other.  Through specific exercises couples are guided to deepen their understanding of their partner – to ‘cross the bridge’ and see things from their partner’s perspective

When this occurs we experience being fully met and understood by our partner and a sense of wholeness and  growth.