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A special place in a  special area

Jesters Nest is located just south of the Oparara river 5km north of Karamea on the West Coast of the South Island  New Zealand.
Surrounded by farmland, between the mountains and the sea, it offers a place for rest, relaxation and retreat  with a peaceful garden and  labyrinth. Jesters Nest is a resource for both locals and visitors -the labyrinth is open at all times for visitors with no charge.

Comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation is available at reasonable prices  for tourists and travellers  with modern  self-contained, self catering accommodation in the Little House.

Jesters Nest is also a centre for personal growth, healing and recovery.  It offers opportunities for individuals, couples and families to make changes in their lives and relationships and is part of a larger movement in the Karamea area promoting sustained and peaceful living.

Counselling sessions are available on a regular basis  for people in the area or who are willing to travel to sessions. Sessions may also be available in Westport and Greymouth.

As a therapeutic retreat there is the opportunity for intensive individual psychotherapy, mentoring or relationship work or to take part in seminars and workshops.

At times we may all need to take time out..to retreat from the world..to rebalance ourselves.
Jesters Nest is an ideal place to do this.

Recognising that cost can be a barrier for many people Jesters Nest offers low or no cost retreats and counselling to those with limited finances.

For those learning English as a foreign language you are able to stay and work intensively to improve your accent.

You can visit Jesters Nest just to walk the labyrinth or stay for several days or longer, to allow yourself to fully appreciate the special charm of the area.

Jesters Nest was named by Helen Back, a talented artist now living in Bluff, Southland, where she has a gallery: Jimmy Rabbit.   While living in Karamea Helen became well known for her whimsical dolls and her Jesters – hence the name Jesters Nest;    her former gallery is now the Little House.

The Jester archetype is familiar in many cultures.

In some traditions a Jester or Fool carries nothing more than purity, innocence and trust and follows his intuition. His actions may appear foolish to others or even himself when using the rational mind;  but, moment to moment, he is leaving the past behind, staying in the present and  moving , with trust into the unknown.

In other traditions he is the trickster, who causes havoc in the current order.

In mediaeval courts the Jester was often the one who knew the shadows and protected the ruler, often being able to say what others dared not say.

In all his guises the Jester is someone who is somewhat apart and who sees life and events in a slightly different way.

The name, Jesters Nest,  seems appropriate  for the home and workplace of a psychotherapist …. working with the unspoken and with  unacknowledged shadows in our lives.   The name is, itself,  an enigma;  leaving interpretation to the individual.

The idea of a nest as a place where things are safe, nurtured and can grow is similar to that of a retreat..so come and develop your own inner jester.